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Cast Nylon (Tecast®)

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Tecast cast nylon, available in a variety of grades, offers a combination of good mechanical properties, excellent bearing and wear characteristics, and the large-size capabilities of the casting process. Its fatigue resistance, and lightweight make Tecast ideal for metal replacement applications, such as bearing, gears, sheaves, and sprockets.

At one-eighth the weight of bronze, Tecast is easier to handle and maintain than metals such as iron, aluminum, brass, and bronze, which it typically replaces in industrial wear applications.

Other materials that Tecast commonly replaces because of its superior performance are laminated phenolics, elastomers and wood.

Tecast has excellent wear and abrasion resistance, resulting in extended component life and lower maintenance cost. Its formulations are readily available in rod, plate, and tube. Nonstandard shapes, such as rings, discs, and blocks can be economically produced in small quantities with short lead times. Custom parts can be cast-to-size or near-net-shape with relatively inexpensive tooling.

Note: Additional fillers available, glass, minerals, metal inserts.

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Tecast 6PA Natural
Natural An FDA-compliant cast type 6 nylon used in applications requiring cast nylon advantages but without fillers.

Tecast 6PA Black
A black cast type 6 nylon that is more UV resistant than 6PA natural.

Tecast 6PA Blue
A blue cast type 6 nylon with properties similar to 6PA natural

Tecast 6PAM
A molybdenum disulfide-filled cast type 6 nylon used for general bearings and wear applications and for its superior strength and hardness.

Tecast 6PAG
A graphite powder-filled cast type 6 nylon with properties similar to 6 PAM but better suited to wet applications.

Tecast 6XAU
A high heat (up to 260°F continuous) weather resistant cast type 6 nylon with superior fatigue-resistant and bearing properties.

Tecast 6PAL
An oil-filled cast type 6 nylon used in applications requiring excellent bearing and wear properties where external lubrication is difficult or impractical.

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