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Compression Molded High Performance Plastics Compound Table

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Compression Molded Products
Compound No. Materials Compound No. Materials  
PCTFE   Polyetheretherketone  
XP-46 PCTFE unfilled XP-90 PEEK TM 25% Glass Natural
Polyetherimide   XP-91 PEEK TM 30% Glass Natural
XP-56CSD PEI 5% Carbon, 15% PTFE Black XP-92 PEEK TM 15% Glass Natural
XP-58CSD PEI 10% Carbon, 15% PTFE Black XP-93 PEEK TM 30% PTFE Natural
Polyphenylene Sulfide   XP-94 PEEK TM 20% Glass Natural
XP-61 PPS 25% Glass and Mineral Black XP-95 PEEK TM 15% PTFE Natural
XP-61L PPS 25% Glass and Mineral Natural XP-96 PEEK TM Unfilled Natural (Virgin)
XP-63 PPS 50% Glass Black XP-96B PEEK TM Unfilled Black
XP-64 PPS 40% Glass Natural XP-97 PEEK TM 30% Graphite Black
XP-64B PPS 40% Glass Black XP-98 PEEK TM 30% Carbon Fiber
XP-65 PPS 30% Glass, 15% PTFE Natural XP-99 PEEK TM 7%Graphite, 8% PTFE, 15% Carbon Fiber
XP-65B PPS 30% Glass, 15% PTFE Black XP-100 PEEKTM 10%Graphite, 10% PTFE, 10% Carbon Fiber
XP-66 PPS 30% Glass Natural XP-101 PEEK TM 15% Graphite, 10% PTFE
XP-68 PPS 25% Glass, 10% Graphite XP-102 PEEK TM 5% PTFE Natural
XP-69 PPS 35% Glass, 28% Min Natural XP-103 PEEK TM 15% Carbon Fiber
XP-71 PPS 20% PTFE Natural XP-104 PEEKTM 7%Moly, 3% PTFE, 25% Carbon Fiber
XP-72 PPS 64% PTFE XP-105 PEEK TM 15% Graphite
XP-73 PPS 60% PTFE, 8% Carbon Fiber XP-106 PEEK TM 40% Glass Natural
XP-76 PPS 55% PTFE, 10% Carbon Fiber XP-107 PEEK TM 25% Carbon Fiber
XP-78 PPS 47% PTFE, 12% Carbon Fiber XP-108 PEEK TM 20% PTFE Natural
XP-79 PPS 70% PTFE XP-109 PEEK TM 30% Carbon Fiber, 15% PTFE
XP-81 PPS 15% Graphite, 15% Carbon Fiber XP-110 PEEK TM 45% Mineral Black
XP-82 PPS 15% PTFE, 30% Carbon Fiber XP-111  
XP-83 PPS 10%Graphite, 10% PTFE, 15% Carbon Fiber XP-112 PEEK TM 20% Carbon Fiber
XP-84 PPS 30% Graphite XP-113 PEEKTM 10%PTFE, 15% Graphite, 3% Carbon Fiber
XP-85 PPS 30% Carbon Fiber XP-114 PEEK TM 40% Carbon Fiber
XP-86 PPS 40% Carbon Fiber XP-115 PEEK TM 5% Carbon Fiber, 10% PTFE
XP-88 PPS 10%Graphite, 15% PTFE, 15% Carbon Fiber PTFE  
    XP-121 MICA Filled PTFE
    XP-122 MICA Filled PTFE
NOTE: The information contained herein are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should NOT be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. Contact us for manufacturers' complete material property datasheets. All values at 73°F (23°C) unless otherwise noted.

Availability of Compression Molded Plastics
Are available in high performance materials such as PPS, PEEK, PTFE, PCTFE and a full family of Polyimides and Polyamide-imides. These materials are molded with virgin resins and formulations that include fillers such as glass-fiber, carbon-fiber, graphite, PTFE and minerals that can be added on a custom basis. Common shapes are available in rings, rods, plates, tubes and discs.


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