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Extruded Nylon (Tecamid®)

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Nylon was the first engineering resin. It has been used in applications ranging from electronic, marine, and automotive, to fibers used to make carpet.

Nylon has outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties. It has very good temperature, chemical and impact properties. However, nylon’s one weakness is a propensity to absorb moisture and thus have poor dimensional stability.

Tecamid® 6/6
Type 6/6 general-purpose standard grade nylon. Extruded in natural and black (Weather resistant black grade is also available).

Tecamid® 6/12
Type 6/12 nylon. This nylon has lower moisture absorption rates than nylon 6/6 hence superior dimensional stability.

Tecamid® ST
Type 6/6 nylon. Super tough nylon. Increased impact resistance and toughness over Tecamid® 6/6.

Tecamid® HS
Type 6/6 nylon. Heat stabilized nylon. Increased ability to withstand the negative effects of heat exposure and increased overall service temperature over Tecamid® 6/6.

Tecamid® 6/6 GF30
Tecamid® 6/6 GF30 is a 30% glassfiber-reinforced nylon 6/6 material whose important properties include high tensile and flexural strength, stiffness, excellent heat deflection temperature, and superior abrasion and wear resistance.

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