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Thermoplastic Films

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Wide Variety of Plastic Films Available
Providing custom extrusion of high performance thermoplastic
films and thin sheets, manufactured from engineering, specialty, and high temperature resins.
Films - Wide Variety of Plastic Films Available
Spectrum of Monolayer and
Co-Ex Film and Sheet Products  
Thickness .001" -.005"
Width 26" - 48" wide (slitting available)
Alloys/Blends Ketones
ESD Safe Compounds Specialty Resins
Imides Sulfone Based Polymers
  • Alloys/Blends
    The mixture of two chemically diverse polymers to form a homogenous product having enhanced properties provided by the combination. Examples include Cycoloy®, Xenoy®, and Noryl® GTX.
  • ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) Safe Compounds
    Any resin treated with fillers like carbon powder, carbon fibers, nano-fibrils, and conductive polymers to dissipate static and provide permanent protection from static build-up and electromagnetic interference. Examples include Stat-Loy® and Stat-Kon®.
  • Fluoropolymers
    A class of polymers derived from partially fluorinated monomers that are inert to heat, flame, weather, solvents and oxidation. Examples include Solef® , Kynar® , and Halar®.
  • Imides
    Polymers with high glass transition temperatures that are extremely stable, chemically inert and inherently flame resistant. Examples include Ultem® .
  • Ketones
    Polymers comprised of ether and ketone linkages noted for their high temperature performance and thermal stability. Examples include Victrex® , PEEK™, and Solvay PEEK.
  • Specialty Resins
    Unique polymers possessing characteristics that make them difficult to classify in their conventional categories. Examples include Valox® , TPX®, Topas® , and Fortron® (.001" - .005" thick only).
  • Styrenics
    Polymers containing styrene monomer with the main characteristic of the resin being high gloss and ease of processing. Examples include Cycolac® , Geloy® , and Noryl®.
  • Sulfone Based Polymers
    Polymers with exceptional hydrolytic stability, high mechanical strength and good dimensional stability. Examples include Udel®, Radel®, and Acudel®.
  • Standard Thermoplastics
    Nylon, Delrin-Acetals, Polypro, etc. are also available.



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