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ABSYLUX   ABS Rod, Sheet, Slab and Film  
ABSYLUX CN-P   Conductive ABS, Carbon Powder Filled  
ABSYLUX SD-A   Anti-Static ABS, Non-Carbon Alloy  
ABSYLUX CN-F   Conductive ABS, Carbon Filled  
ACCULAM   Laminated Phenolic  
ACETRON   Acetal Based Shapes, Copolymer Tecaform
ACETRON GP   Ultraform Low Porosity Acetal Tecaform
ACETRON NS   Acetal with Lubricants Added Tecaform
ACLAR   PCTFE Fluoropolymer  
ACU-FLEX   Flexible PVDF Tubing  
ACRIGLAS   Cast Acrylic Sheet  
ACRYLITE   Acrylic Sheet Optix
ACRYLITE AR   Abrasive Resistant Acrylic Sheet Optix
ACRYLITE FF   Continuously Manufactured Acrylic Sheet Optix
ACRYLITE GP   Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet  
ACRYSTEEL   Continuous Cast Medium Impact Acrylic Sheet  
ACU-STAT   Static Dissipative Fluoroplastics  
ARDEL   Polyarylate  
ARMITE   Vulcanized Fibre Fish Paper
ARMORGLIDE   Polyurethane Modified with Lubricant  
ARNITE   PET Polyester Tecapet
ARPET   Family Name for Line of Polyester Products  
ASTRAGLAS   Flexible PVC Sheet and Strips in Rolls  
AURUM   Thermoplastic Polyimide Resin  
BAKELITE   Laminated Phenolic Plastic  
BENELEX   Laminated Hardboard Panels  
BOLTARON   Rigid PVC and CPVC Materials  
CALIBRE   Polycarbonate Tecanat
CBS   Mirrored High Impact Polystyrene Sheets  
CELANESE   Nylon Type 6/6 Resin  
CELAZOLE   High Heat Engineering Material Polybenzimidazole (PBI)  
CELCON   Acetal Copolymer Tecaform
CELTEC   Expanded PVC Sheet Rigid  
CERAM P, TIVAR   Shatter-resistant UHMW alternative to sintered ceramics  
CHAMPLINE   Extruded HDPE, UV Resistant Colors  
CHEMCAST   Cell Cast Acrylic Sheets in Several Grades and Types  
CLEANSTAT, TIVAR   Anti-static, USDA-FDA approved UHMW  
CLEAR-40   Clear Rigid Schedule 40 PVC Pipe  
CLEARFLO   Unreinforced PVC Tubing  
CONDULUX   Conductive Products  
CORZAN CPVC   Thermoplastic CPVC Material Products  
CRYLEX   High Impact Acrylic  
CRYSTAR   Polyester Resin  
CYCOLAC   ABS Resins  
CYROLON AR   Abrasive Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet  
CRYOLON ZX   Polycarbonate Sheet  
DECARGLAS   Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet  
DEGLAS   Extruded Acrylic Sheet  
DELMAT   Composite Material with low thermal conductivity and expansion for Printed Circuit Board Industry.  
DELRIN   Acetal Resin, HomoPolymer  
DELRIN AF   Teflon Filled Delrin HPV 13
DIAMONDBACK   Urethane Sheet Lining Products  
DKE   Fire-Rated Acrylic/PVC Sheet  
DURA-SURF   UHMW Film and Tape  
DURAPLEX   High Impact Acrylic Sheet  
DURATRON   Polyimide Available with Fillers Meldin
DURATRON 150   15% Graphite Filled Polyimide Meldin 7021
DURATRON 400   40% Graphite Filled Polyimide Meldin 7022
DURATRON HP   High Purity Grade Polyimide Meldin
ELASTALON   Rubber Modified Cast Nylon 6  
ELECTRAFIL   Nylon 12 with Stainless Steel Fibers for ESD Protection. Injection Molding Resin Only  
ENSICAR   Changed to Tecanat Tecanat
ENSIFIDE   Changed to Tecatron Tecatron
ENSIFONE   Changed to Tecason S Tecason S
ENSIKEM   Changed to Tecaflon Tecaflon
ENSILON   Changed to Tecamid Tecamid
ENSIPRO   Changed to Tecafine Tecafine
ENSITAL   Changed to Tecaform Tecaform
ENSITAL HPV   Changed to Tecaform HPV13 Tecaform HPV13
ENSITEP   Changed to Tecapet Tecapet
ENVEX   Polyimide Resins with Fillers Meldin
ERTALON   Cast Nylon Tecast
ERTALON LFX   Discontinued Filled Cast Nylon  
ERTALYTE   PET Polyester Tecapet
ETHYLUX   Low Density Polyethylene Stock Shapes  
EXCEL   Polycarbonate Makrolon
EXCELON   Vinyl Tubing, Piping  
EXCELON ACR   Acrylic Tubes, Rods, and Profiles  
EXCELON GO 1480   Fuel and Oil Tubing  
EXCELON PC   Polycarbonate Tubing  
EXCELON R-2000   Rigid PVC Tubing and Flexible Fittings  
EXCELON R-4000   Rigid Schedule 40 PVC Pipe and Fittings  
EXCELON RNT   Flexible PVC Tubing  
EXTREN   Fiberglass Structural Shapes  
FLUORGLAS   PTFE Glass Coated and Impregnated Glass Fabric  
FLUOROSINT   Synthetic Mica Filled PTFE  
FORBON   Vulcanized Fibre Fish Paper
FORTILENE   Polypropylene Proteus
FORTRON   PPS Polyphenylene Sulfide with and without fillers  

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