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PVC Type I Rod

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Type 1 PVC rod is a highly corrosion resistant polyvinyl chloride with high strength-to-weight ratio, cost efficiency and ease of fabrication. PVC rod is a low cost, economical option, known that can be machined, cut, welded and glued for fabrication versatility.

PVC rod is ideal for applications where maximum chemical resistance is necessary. PVC conforms to ASTM D-1784-95 Class 12454-B (Formerly Type I Grade 1) and is manufactured without the use of plasticizers or fillers. PVC rod can be used in self-supporting construction up to 140º F (depending on chemistry).

Features of PVC Rod:

  • High tensile strength and stiffness make PVC strong, even for demanding applications.
  • Chemical resistant to most acids and alkali solutions.
  • PVC is versatile and can be machined, cut, welded and glued.
  • Low cost, economical choice for fabricating equipment, manifolds, pumps etc.
  • PVC is extruded through most of the available gauges for good dimensional consistency.
  • PVC is self-extinguishing and has excellent fire ratings (UL-94V-0) per ASTM-E-84.

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