Discover the Solution to Your Plastic Needs

  • 25 April 2024

Explore how Plastics International can help you meet your special thickness requirements.

Plastics International offers a vacuum operated flycutter as a finishing option, in addition to the more standard CNC saw cutting services. 

The flycutter can be used to meet special thickness requirements, including metric thickness and resurfacing needs. Flycutting can be done on plastic sheets in advance of being sawed into smaller pieces, enabling machinists to eliminate multiple steps and set-ups. Sheets are typically flycut on both sides to balance properties and minimize warpage. 

Flycutter specifications include: 

  • Maximum sheet size capacity: 36.00" x 76.00" 
  • Sheet thickness capacity: 0.125" - 3.00"
  • Thickness tolerance finishes: At + / - 0.005"

NOTE: Glass-filled sheets, industrial laminates, and specific filled materials may not be suitable for the flycutting process.

Check out the flycutter in action:

Let Plastics International assist you with your plastic sheet, rod, and tube needs!