Product Type

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength, ASTM D638, psi
Tensile Elongation, ASTM D638, %
Tensile Modulus ASTM D638, psi
Izod Impact strength (73 F) ASTM D256 (notched), ft*lbs/in
Flexural strength, Yield ASTM D790, psi
Flexural modulus ASTM D790, psi
Compressive Strength, Yield ASTM D695, psi
Compressive Modulus, ASTM D695, psi
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction, 40psi 50fpm, ASTM D3702

Thermal Properties

Heat Deflection Temperature at 66psi ASTM D648, F
Heat Deflection Temperature at 264psi ASTM D648, F
Maximum serving temperature for short term, F
Maximum serving temperature for long term, UL746B, F
Thermal conductivitiy ASTM C177, (BTU*in)/(hr*ft^2*F)
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ASTM D696, in/in/F
Flammability UL 94

Electric/Physical Properties

Volume resisitivity ASTM D257, ohm/sq
Surface resisitivity ASTM D257, ohm/cm
Dielectric strength ASTM D149, V/mil
Specific gravity ASTM D792
Rockwell hardness ASTM D785
Hardness, Shore D, ASTM D2240
Water Absorption - 24hrs ASTM D570, %
Showing Products 1 - 12 of 83 Results
Showing Products 1 - 12 of 83 Results